“2009 March for Life” by John_Stephen_Dwyer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

After four years of my friend mocking Donald Trump and calling him an embarrassment to the Republican party, I started to notice a strange shift. Though I tried to stay off of social media throughout much of the election cycle, I found myself on Twitter a few days before the…

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Many of us hadn’t experienced it personally, but we heard the whispers. When sexual assault and sexual harassment happened at Emerson College, there was little to be done. Sure, you could report it, but why? When you already knew nothing would happen aside from your own harassment, why would you…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

At the age of 7, I was a Girl Scout, like a lot of 7-year-olds. My troop leader was also my soccer coach, basketball coach, and softball coach. In retrospect, I guess it was a pretty small town.

It was around the 4th of July and we were making a…

Jackie Gualtieri

writer and editor - Talk to me about your favorite abandoned Disney ride.

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